If your wind turbine is no longer supported by the original manufacturers, you can still achieve design excellence at a affordable cost.

At Morse Wind Turbine Parts we are passionate about design and innovation and build on over 100 years of design and manufacturing expertise to continually expand the wind industry.

Whether it is to design and build a custom wind turbine part or improve on your old parts, we want to hear from you.


After an initial enquiry, Morse Wind Turbine Parts will come to you to understand your requirements. At each stage of the product development from concept through to development, we will work with you to ensure that the design meets your needs.


To ensure that we can concentrate on what we are good at, that is designing innovative products to expand the wind industry, we entrust our manufacturing to our partners.

Morse Power is committed to safety, innovation and quality and only has its products manufactured in Australia by trusted partners who have Quality ISO 9001 certification.

An example of how we can manufacture improved versions of turbine parts, preserving your investment long term:

Yaw Gearbox Parts Upgrade

2. Yaw Gearbox Shaft second-hand sample

1. Second-hand Gearbox Shaft

2. Yaw Wheel (not-integrated)

1. Yaw Gearbox Shaft with integrated Yaw Wheel - bottom view

3. Integrated Shaft and Wheel

When we rebuild a Yaw Gearbox, we can fit it with either a separate Yaw Gearbox Shaft and Yaw Wheel, or an integrated part that combines the two items for extra strength, as pictured above.

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