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40 Years of Victorian Business in Japan Celebration


On 26 September Morse Wind Turbine Parts’ Managing Director, Tim Morse, was invited to attend a dinner hosted by Victorian Premier Hon. Daniel Andrews MP in Tokyo. It was great to truly celebrate 40 years of Victorian business in Japan by inviting our own Japanese partners, Eco Power.

Image (from left): Hon. Daniel Andrews, Tim Morse, Eco Power President Hirohiko Ogiwara and Joe Gayton from the Victorian Government Business Office in Japan.

Bringing our Partners to Japan


Each time we go back to Japan it is great to see how far our relationship has come with Eco Power. Our Managing Director, Tim Morse, still remembers what it was like to get the first order of NM64 Helical Buffer Nuts from Eco Power, and how surprised he was given how unusual it is to break into the Japanese market without a prior introduction. Now we have the Helical Buffer Nut process down to an art and we’ve just installed our 285th one into the Mutsu Ogawara wind farm in north Japan.

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Meet the Japanese Wind Industry

Networking with more members of the wind energy industry in Japan has convinced Morse Wind Turbine Parts Managing Director, Tim Morse, that the business is doing the right thing. Here’s how he knows it…

At the end of April Tim Morse visited our clients, Eco Power Co, to discuss the progress of our latest contract, but what’s a business trip overseas without trying to meet some new people? Thanks to our friends in the Victorian government we managed to get three distinguished members of the Japanese wind energy industry in one room!

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Feeling Inspired by the Victorian Government’s Japan Country Dinner

Morse Wind Turbine Parts Director, Tim Morse, was given the honour of attending the Japan Country Dinner, hosted by the Victorian Government, last week in Melbourne.

Everyone who plays in the export space in Australia knows how important Japan is for our economy. But this dinner really drilled home just how important the relationship is for Victoria.

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Eco Power Visits Morse Wind Turbine Parts


After two years of working with the Japanese wind giant, Eco Power, it was great to welcome a couple of their representatives to Australia and have the opportunity to fully showcase what we do!

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The Morse – ICN Partnership

Tim ICN preparing for video

Tim preparing for ICN video

Late last year Morse Wind Turbine Parts Managing Director, Tim Morse, was invited by Victoria’s Industry Capability Network (ICN) to showcase the growth of the business.
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Engaging with Japan Forum

Tim's talk on how to successfully engage and trade with Japanese businesses

Tim Morse, Director Morse Wind Turbine Parts, giving his speech as part of a state government panel on how to engage with Japanese businesses

Last week Morse Wind Turbine Part’s Director Tim Morse was invited by The Victorian Government to be part of a panel on how to successfully engage and trade with Japanese businesses. Our experience of doing business in Japan is very different from the norm, as we were directly contacted by Eco Power Ltd via our website. From there word of our products spread to Eurus Energy and Japan Wind Development Co Ltd. A success story that many in government are in awe of.

Japan can be a challenging country to build business relationships with, especially when you start out. But, as Tim told the audience, “what it comes down to is persistence and patience.”

He further explained “as long as you have quality product, are respectful of the Japanese culture, and are willing to put the face to face time into the relationship, doing business with Japanese organizations is a lot of fun.”

Morse WTPs is now privileged to have very loyal Japanese clients for the long term.

New Zealand – Electricity Engineers’ Association Conference and Trade Exhibition

Come and see us in New Zealand from the 24th – 26th June

Morse Wind Turbine Parts at NZ EEA 2015 Conference and Trade Exhibition

Morse Wind Turbine Parts at NZ EEA 2015 Conference and Trade Exhibition

National Manufacturing Week, Melbourne 2015

Come and see us from the 26th to the 29th May at stand 5122

National Manufacturers Week, Melbourne, 2015

National Manufacturers Week, Melbourne, 2015