Reverse Engineering

Is your wind turbine out of OEM support? Morse Wind Turbine Parts can reverse engineer and improve on your original wind turbine parts.

Our access to advanced reverse engineering and manufacturing allows us to develop products such as the Morse Complete Blade Tip. It has a shaft made from carbon fibre, a material used in aircraft and F1 racing cars.


After an initial enquiry, Morse Wind Turbine Parts will come to you to understand your requirements. At each stage of the product development from concept through to development, we will work with you to ensure that the design meets your needs.


To ensure that we can concentrate on what we are good at, that is designing innovative products to expand the wind industry, we entrust our manufacturing to our partners.

Morse Power is committed to safety, innovation and quality and only has its products manufactured in Australia by trusted partners who have Quality ISO 9001 certification.

Helical Nut Setup Bush (Blade Nut)

Used Helical Nut Setup Bush

1. Used part

Manufacturing the Helical Nut Setup Bush

2. Manufacturing process

1. Helical Nut Setup Bush - front angled view

3. Finished part

The Morse Helical Nut Setup Bush is made from bronze with a rubber buffer and polyurethane casing.

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